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Endless Turf constructs the highest quality ITF certified synthetic grass tennis courts. Our courts are tailored to your specific needs whether it be for a back yard, tennis club, school or sports facility. We only use Australian made products with 8 year warranties.

Synthetic tennis courts are safe, fun and affordable for all tennis enthusiasts.

Tennis is one of the best sports in the world for improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing stamina, gaining flexibility and boosting hand-eye coordination. Whether you run a hotel and spa, a sports and leisure centre, a school's PE department or simply want to add a prestigious fitness space to your home or garden, our synthetic grass tennis courts are the perfect solution. Designed and supplied by quality Australian manufacturers, we offer the gold standard of synthetic grass. And with flexible solutions tailored to your needs and budget, make Endless Turf your number one choice for tennis court construction and resurfacing in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW.

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We're with you
every step of the way

A tennis court needs to be constructed to high standards to ensure years of safe and hassle-free play. We work collaboratively with you to ensure that your tennis court is not only built to Tennis Australia court dimensions and standards, but to complement its surroundings and fit seamlessly into its intended space.

We guide you through every step of the process from the design of your new tennis court to the construction and even the implementation of sand. We can help to restore an old court to its former lustre with comprehensive resurfacing. We can even provide replacement sand that's matched to the colour of your court for a more vivid and lustrous appearance.

Perfect play,
whatever the weather

Our synthetic grass tennis courts are designed to take whatever the weather throws at them so you and / or your clientele can enjoy practicing and competing on your courts all year round. They provide traction and stability in wet and rainy weather and yet can stand up to the intense heat of even the most searing Australian summer. Tennis is a fast-paced game and the surface on which one plays has a lasting impact on their ability to play responsively.

Our courts are designed with the consistency to help you and your patrons enjoy this noble sport all day, every day.

Zero maintenance for
year round savings

Our hardwearing and highly durable tennis court surfaces are designed to be virtually zero maintenance, providing you with years of play without the cost and hassle associated with maintenance.

Our court surfaces are made from polypropylene fibres combined with specially graded sand and provide a look and feel akin to closely cropped grass without the need to spend a penny on watering, mowing and other associated maintenance.

Tough enough to handle
years of competitive play

Our synthetic grass tennis courts are extremely tough and can stand up to year after year of hard play. Whether training or competing or simply playing a friendly game for leisure purposes, our tennis courts are designed to handle rugged play with ease. No matter how hard the ball impacts or how many times the rim of a racket grazes the court's surface, it will look and feel great.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for a free zero-obligation quote to level up your game!

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