Soccer Turf

Endless Turf can provides premium soccer turf solutions for your indoor or outdoor pitch. Our sports grass products are durable and provide the ideal playing surface no matter what time of year it is. Regardless of what the unpredictable weather is doing, or what time of day you may be playing, synthetic soccer turf has become the popular choice for soccer pitches throughout Australia.

Our artificial soccer pitches are the highest quality and guaranteed to provide players with a safe and even pitch to play on. We always ensure that the foundation of the pitch is professionally prepared and free of any issues before laying the artifical playing surface. Therefore, when we install your new soccer turf, you can rest assured that your teams will have a quality surface to play on for years to come.

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We are able to transform even the worst soccer pitches and make them safe, attractive, hard-wearing and durable to play on. There is literally no job too difficult and we excel at creating great playing surfaces that are specific for your needs, whether you require indoor our outdoor soccer turf.

If your venue has seen better days, you can guarantee that your players are leaving the game dissatisfied. Not only is a second rate soccer pitch uninviting to play on, but it can also be dangerous. If your pitch is in a school or has school kids regularly, you have a specific level of duty of care to honour. If you're wondering what can be done, the answer is simple -  engage an expert soccer turf installer to lay a quality playing surface that will last for years to come.

Constructing a new soccer pitch?

Speak to us first and let us assist in your planning to ensure all key aspects are considered.
We treat every job individually to ensure that all aspects of the space we are working with is prepared according to industry best practice.

Indoor Soccer Turf

If your soccer pitch is inside, we will ensure that the base is not only solid, but also even to ensure that the ball plays consistently. We also use quality adhesives to guarantee the playing surface remains fixed to the base at all times. This prevents the turf from lifting up and becoming dangerous to play on.

Outdoor Soccer Turf

Whilst the synthetic soccer grass used on outdoor fields is often the same as indoor soccer pitches, the preparation is signficantly different. We will consider all elements of the field's base prior to installing the grass. This includes preparing a compact and level playing area, whilst also taking factors like drainage into consideration.

We only install premium soccer turf in Melbourne, which allows our customers to enjoy a quality playing space for many years to come. We have access to a large range of artifical grass products and will help you select the ideal turf for your new soccer pitch. Our aim is to provide you with a product that is as natural looking as possible but without all the hassles that real grass can cause you such as maintenance, watering, mowing, drainage etc.

All of our synthetic sports surfaces are extremely durable and our products come with extensive warranties to give you peace-of-mind that your club or school won't need to fork out for additional upkeep and maintenance into the foreseeable future.

Soccer Turf Gallery

There is nothing worse than preparing for a game of soccer, getting all the players ready, then turning up to a pitch that has a myriad of problems. 

If you need new soccer turf in Melbourne and have been putting it off, you no longer need to. At Endless Turf, we can install you a professional-like artificial soccer pitch at a competitive price. Stop playing on an unsafe surface that could cause injury to your players. Speak to us today about upgrading to a new synthetic soccer pitch by calling 0438 305 225 or complete the form below to request a quote. We will visit your venue first (free-of-charge), assess the site, and then discuss your options with you. If you have a specific budget to work with, just let us know and we will eliminate any non-essential items (if possible) to meet your financial needs as best we can.



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