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We install premium basketball court surfaces throughout Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW to both private and commercial clients. Whether you have some space in the backyard that you want to transform for the kids or require a full sized court for your school, speak to us first and let us help you plan the ultimate basketball court for the available space you have.

We can install basketball court surfaces on almost any type of land. If required, we will level dirt, lay gravel, and pour concrete to ensure your synthetic grass surface remains in tact for many years to come. The premium grade of turf we install for our artificial grass sports surfaces in Melbourne comes with a manufacturer's warranty to give you peace-of-mind that you won't incur any hidden costs in the near future.

Our basketball court surfaces can be installed in a range of colours with elements such as the key, free-throw line and 3 point lines marked out at either regulation size or customised to suit your area. There is no doubt that an Endless Turf basketball court at your home or sports facility will be the talk of the neighbourhood for many years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why install a synthetic basketball court?

Synthetic turf basketball surfaces not only look great, they are great to play on. Unlike many concrete or asphalt basketball court surfaces, artifical grass provides even bounce and is far less damaging on those expensive balls that the kids always want to use. 

If you, or your child, take their basketball seriously, our synthetic basketball courts also come with accurate line marking so you can practice your free throw shooting just like you would in the stadium. 

Do you install backyard basketball courts?

We certainly do! Our backyard basketball courts can be installed in any sort of backyard. There is no stipulation on size or surface you have at the moment, as we will work around existing structures and prepare a foundation that is customised to fit whatever space you have available.

If your kids are desperate for their own basketball court, but you are concerned about the garden, you need not worry. We will first assess your property, and then provide you with a range of options before providing you with a final quote.

What custom options do I have?

Our synthetic sports surfaces are fully customisable and can be designed to meet your individual needs and budget. When installing a synthetic basketball court surface, we provide our clients with a range of options including:

  • Choice of colour(s)
  • Multiple turf options
  • Free throw lines painted on
  • 3 point lines painted on
  • Key markings at regulation size or customised to fit your area

How long will my basketball surface last?

The lifespan of a synthetic courts will vary depending on their usage. However, many artifical grass basketball courts could easily last for 10+ years if treated well.

We only use premium grade synthetic turf when installing basketball court surfaces in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW. This ensures longevity and durability for our customers, their kids, students or players. Our preferred artifical grass supplier - Urban Turf Australia, offers a manufacturer's warranty on all of their products. This gives our customers the peace-of-mind that their new synthetic grass basketball court will last for years to come without incurring any surprise out-of-pocket expenses.



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