Tennis Court Resurfacing

Has your tennis court seen better days?

Do you have the urge to get out there and play but get put off by the state of your tennis court's surface?

Playing tennis isn't fun when you're constantly worrying that you're going to trip, fall, or cut yourself up on a ground that is too hard and uneven. If you currently experience this frustration, then it's probably time you invested in a new surface for your tennis court.

We have resurfaced tennis courts throughout Australia for more than 8 years, so let us give your game a new lease on life by installing a brand new synthetic grass tennis court at your home or sports preccinct. 

tennis court resurfacing Melbourne
Our Process
1)  Remove existing surface
2)  Prepare the base
3)  Install the new surface
4)  Enjoy your new tennis court

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LocationsMelbourne & Gold Coast

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