St Margaret's Primary School

Written on the 16 May 2019

The fabulous Endless turf multi-sport project was completed in early 2019. This gives the students a much greater selection of sports to play on a single specialised multi-sport surface all year round.

The tired old oval was a health hazard to the young students. It was dry and dusty in summer and wet and muddy in the winter months.

Endless Turf  has given new life to a tired and unused area of the school grounds. The oval has provided a vibrant, well-balanced sport and recreational space for a variety of learning purposes.

Base construction the pivotal in this project. With the pervious grounds being very reactive an unstable. To counteract this the process included digging to a specified depth and adding larger amounts or crushed rock. A geofabic over the entire sub base was also used for extra protection.

Urban cup 40mm and 19mm pro tennis products were used on the surface.

The advantages of this surface are numerous:

  • The surface is permanently marked with lines, with the ability to use the surface for other ball sports and athletics too.
  • As an all-weather surface installed with efficient drainage, this sports field will be ready for play soon after rainfall, with no mud to worry about.
  • A safe, non-slip surface designed to support players for all desired sports

The school now has the perfect space for physical education classes and school sports days. All year round.



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